60 capsules of 400mg of Collagen (90%) of marine origin - Vitamin C (10%) (= 21.6g of Collagen and 2.4g of Vitamin C)
No chemical additions, no pesticides, no GMOs, no gluten, no excipient, no soy and dairy product.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, constituting 30% of the body's protein composition and up to 80% of the skin’s dry mass. Collagen is found in connective tissue, bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, muscles and vascular walls, thus ensuring the mechanical resistance of the tissues.

Collagen production peaks at the age of 20 and then naturally begins to decline. Also called « protein of youth », the drop in Collagen production leads to the first signs of old age : wrinkles, slackening and dryness of the skin, weakening of the skeleton and loss of cartilage in joints. Other lifestyle factors such as a high sugar diet, smoking or intense ultraviolet exposure contribute to an accelerated decrease in body’s collagen.

Vitamin C helps maintaining a strong immune system, promotes wound healing, red blood cell formation and body’s iron absorption. It is involved in the formation of pro-collagen.

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Collagen - Vitamin C (60 capsules)

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